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Ben's Really Boring Page

This page is.. 


Ben's World...
Dunedin this where I live.
Not Done Yet !!!
Wellington. Mud Cycles.
For real deal see Francis & Blair at J'ville Cycles.
Levin days, college at Wiaopheu, Do you have contact with anyone ? Who's up to what ( I don't know ) mail me!!
About Ben...
BensPhotos @Hotmail.Com 
Yes mail me, note two one's in name, send Chocolate fish, suggestions Etc

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Ben's Super Duper Page.

England See me in the UK
JOSH'S page
My Brothers Cool Web page
Matt & Maryam's
My Other Brothers & Girlfriend page
IAN'S Photography
Hip photo's in Wellington
Otago University
Where I study
Great when travelling
Not Done Yet !!!
800 x 600 + recommended. Page was made with an Apple and Netscape.